Subscription Plans

When signing up for the CrateDB Cloud service, you have a choice of different subscription plans. Each plan is preconfigured for different use cases, depending on your storage and computation needs. At the same time, the plans also offer elasticity to accompany use case changes.

Within certain plans, you can horizontally scale the capacity of your cluster up or down by adding or subtracting nodes. Limited vertical scaling is also possible with storage scaling (up only). For more information on how to do this, please refer to the scaling guide. You can change plans at any time.

This documentation section first explains the plans for the recommended subscription method, subscribing and deploying a cluster directly. Subsequently, we will provide some more detailed information regarding plans and billing options based on the Marketplace SaaS offerings.

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The standard CrateDB Cloud offer consists of three products: Free, Shared, and Dedicated

Each product/plan has two dimensions: compute and storage.


The compute configuration is pre-defined for each plan, and can be scaled horizontally by adding or removing database nodes, during or after deployment.


Storage is configured separately. On deployment, you can set the desired storage capacity for your cluster, within the range of storage capacity options provided for that plan. Storage can be scaled up but cannot be scaled down afterward.

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To view the current plans, prices, compute and storage ranges, refer to the pricing page.

For details on signup, cluster configuration, and cluster deployment, please see the deployment tutorial.


Although you can scale your cluster from a single node to as many nodes as desired, only clusters containing 3 or more nodes are covered by the 24/7 support. You can find the CrateDB Cloud terms and conditions in the SLA.


CrateDB Cloud on Kubernetes works differently. Since it allows hosting CrateDB Cloud on your local or self-service Kubernetes stack, there is no need for different subscription plans. You can combine CrateDB Cloud on Kubernetes with any suitable hardware configuration that works for your use case.


This plan, also known as CRFREE, is aimed at new users for testing and evaluation of CrateDB Cloud. It is perpetually free to use. Every user can deploy one free tier cluster in their organization without adding a payment method. This plan also doesn’t consume any Free Credit that you may have available.

The cluster resources are limited to one node with up to 2 CPUs, 2 GiB of memory, and 8 GiB of storage, which is suitable for basic evaluation purposes. This plan doesn’t offer any kind of scaling.

The CRFREE plan is designed for active testing and evaluation. Clusters under this plan are suspended after 7 days of inactivity. After another 7 days, the cluster is automatically deleted if left suspended.


Shared-resource plans are used to deploy clusters that share CPU resources with other clusters in this category. Memory and storage are allocated exclusively to each individual cluster. Because of this, they offer a more cost-effective solution for smaller teams and experimental deployments of low-traffic applications. They are limited to one node with up to 8 CPUs, 12 GiB of memory, and 1 TiB of storage.

The vCPU displayed for each tier is an ‘up to’ value and is not guaranteed. Memory and storage are guaranteed. Scaling within the Shared tier is supported. You can scale from S2 to S12 and vice versa. It is also possible to upgrade from Shared plans to Dedicated plans, but not the other way around. Backups in this tier are limited to once per day and are kept for 14 days.





Up to 2 vCPU

2 GiB


Up to 3 vCPU

4 GiB


Up to 4 vCPU

6 GiB


Up to 8 vCPU

12 GiB


These are the base plans that offer the best performance and the biggest flexibility. Their specs start from 2 CPU, 7 GiB RAM, and 32GiB storage all the way to 16 CPU, 55 GiB RAM, and 8 TiB storage per-node. These plans can be scaled up to a maximum of 9 nodes. If you need more nodes than this, feel free to contact us at any time.


An even number of nodes can be used for testing and development without issue, but is not recommended for production workloads due to the risk of split-brain syndrome.


The subscriptions are currently offered in three regions: One from AWS (West Europe) and two from Azure (East US 2 and West Europe). You can use any subscription plan in any region. Note that prices for a given plan differ depending on the region you select. We also accept region requests, in case your preferred region is not currently available.

Marketplace Offer

If you have an existing Azure/AWS marketplace account and want to subscribe to CrateDB Cloud using that, you can. The principles are the same as with credit card subscription, which allows maximum flexibility regarding deployment and scaling up/down:

  • Usage is billed based on consumption

  • Billing is done in $0.001 increments for the compute + storage usage

For details visit Azure, or AWS marketplace deployment tutorials.

CrateDB Cloud Contract

The CrateDB Cloud Contract allows you to pay for a full year’s worth of the service of your choice in advance. Depending on the specifics of the contract chosen, it may be possible to negotiate a discount based on the up front payment. The CrateDB Cloud Contract is only available via supported cloud providers on the SaaS Marketplaces. For more information, contact the Sales team.