Version 1.0.3

Released on 2017/02/10.


If you are upgrading a cluster, you must be running CrateDB 0.57.0 or higher before you upgrade to 1.0.3.

If you want to perform a rolling upgrade, your current CrateDB version number must be Version 1.0.0 or higher. If you want to upgrade from a version prior to this, the upgrade will introduce all of the breaking changes listed for Version 1.0.0, and will require a full restart upgrade.


Before upgrading, you should back up your data.

Table of contents



  • Multicast discovery has been deprecated in this release, and will be removed in the 1.1 release. Multicast discovery is disabled by default.


  • Return correct affected row count instead of throwing an exception when trying to bulk insert values that don’t match the column type(s).

  • Removed OVER support from SQL parser because the clause was completely ignored when executing the query which led to misleading results.

  • Queries with _doc reference comparison (e.g. _doc['name'] = 'foo') in the WHERE clause return the correct results instead of empty result.

  • Dynamically added string columns now have exactly the same characteristics as string columns created via CREATE TABLE or ALTER TABLE ADD COLUMN

  • Updated crate-admin to 1.0.4 which includes the following change:

    • Fixed getting started display issue on very wide screens.


  • Scalar functions are now allowed on the HAVING clause if the scalar function is used as a GROUP BY symbol.

  • Fixed an issue in the PostgreSQL protocol that could cause a StackOverflow exception due to connection errors or malfunctioning clients.

  • Closing a connection via the PostgreSQL Wire Protocol now correctly closes the internal resources.

  • Fixed issue that led to casting exception when comparing an object column with an object literal that contains a string value.

  • Fixed and issue that caused UPDATE statement on an empty partitioned table to throw UnsupportedOperationException.

  • Fixed an issue that caused fulltext search with fuzziness='AUTO' to throw NumberFormatException.

  • Fixed an issue in the LIKE predicate which prevented from using escaped backslash before the wildcard.

  • Fixed an issue that caused ORDER BY clause to be ignored if used in combination with GROUP BY in subselects. e.g.:

    SELECT x from (SELECT * from t1) as tt GROUP BY x ORDER BY x