Version 1.1.0

Released on 2017/03/21.


Do not use this version. This release introduced a bug which caused all partitioned tables to become unusable. The bug was fixed in Version 1.1.1.

This version was removed from all release channels. This changelog is kept for information purposes only.

Table of contents


Breaking Changes

  • Removed multicast discovery.

  • The ordinal column at the information_schema.columns will return NULL now for all sub-columns (all non top-level columns) as the order of object columns is not guaranteed.

  • The TableFunctionImplementation interface was streamlined with other function implementation semantics. This requires function implementation plugins to be adapted to the new interface.

  • Removed deprecated setting indices.fielddata.breaker that have been used as an alias for indices.breaker.fielddata.


  • Serve Admin UI from /. Previously used URIs will direct to /.

  • Added the subscript function support for object literals.

  • Added cluster checks that warn if some tables need to be recreated or upgraded for compatibility with future versions of CrateDB.

  • Added functionality to monitor query runtime statistics via JMX. This feature can only be used with an enterprise license.

  • Added a new parameter upgrade_segments to the OPTIMIZE statement which enables the upgrade of tables and tables partitions to the current version of the storage engine.

  • Added new column min_lucene_version to sys.shards table, which shows the oldest Lucene segment version used in the shard.

  • Remove restriction to run OPTIMIZE on blob tables.

  • UDC: add the enterprise field to the UDC ping. The field identifies whether a user uses the enterprise version.

  • Added the license.enterprise setting to the cluster settings.

  • It is now supported to order and group by predicate functions in general with the exception of the match predicate.

  • Selecting os['timestamp'] from ``sys.nodes returns the actual timestamp of each node clock at the time of collecting the metric instead of the timestamp on the handler node.

  • Added scalar function geohash that returns a GeoHash representation of a geo_point

  • Added support for casting JSON strings to object columns.

  • The array comparison no longer requires extra parentheses for subselects. Now it’s possible to use = ANY (SELECT ...) instead of = ANY ((SELECT ...)).

  • Allow semi-colon (;) in the end of simple SQL statements.

  • Enhanced performance optimisation of full joins by rewriting them to left, right or inner joins when conditions in WHERE exclude null values.

  • Added support for filtering and ordering on ignored object columns.

  • Added support for the double colon (::) cast operator.

  • Upgraded the parser from ANTLR3 to ANTLR4.

  • Added monitoring plugin for the Enterprise edition in the Admin UI.

  • Added Lazy loading of the stylesheet and plugins depending on the Enterprise settings.

  • Added buttons to collapse and expand all schemas in the tables view.

  • The console now expands vertically to show the whole query if its size is larger than the standard size of the console.

  • SQL console keywords are now CrateDB specific.

  • Improved formatted results of the geo_area data type to include an external link to a visualisation of that geo_area.

  • Keywords in the SQL console are capitalised.

  • Added node number to the status bar.

  • Relocated the help resources section to be underneath the tweet import tutorial.

  • Improved console results table, including data type based colorization, alternating row colorization, structured object/array formatting, human-readable timestamps, Google Maps link on geo-point results & lazy loading on result sets larger than 100 rows.


  • Fixed an issue that prevent a node from starting on Windows if the sigar-plugin is removed.

  • Fixed validation of known configuration file settings. The settings are also validated upon start-up.

  • Show loading indicator in the console interface when Execute Query is in progress.

  • Fixed issue that caused Cluster Offline message to not be displayed.

  • Fixed a console results issue that caused the results table not to be visible after horizontal scrolling.

  • Fixed styling issue that caused the last element in the side bar list to be hidden.

  • Fixed an issue that caused the notification date to be null in Safari.

  • Fixed a console results issue that caused the results table not to be displayed after horizontal scrolling.

  • Fixed an issue that caused the Admin UI to load only one plugin.

  • Display warning in the console view when the query result contains an unsafe integer.