Version 3.1.5

Released on 2019/01/14.


If you are upgrading a cluster, you must be running CrateDB 2.0.4 or higher before you upgrade to 3.1.5.

We recommend that you upgrade to the latest 3.0 release before moving to 3.1.5.

If you want to perform a rolling upgrade, your current CrateDB version number must be at least Version 3.1.1. Any upgrade from a version prior to this will require a full restart upgrade.


Tables that were created prior to upgrading to CrateDB 2.x will not function with 3.1 and must be recreated before moving to 3.1.x.

You can recreate tables using COPY TO and COPY FROM while running a 2.x release into a new table, or by inserting the data into a new table.

Before upgrading, you should back up your data.

Table of contents



  • Fixed an issue that caused incorrectness in the navigation of the Admin UI.

  • Fixed a NullPointerException that could occur using array_difference.

  • Fixed a race condition that could lead to stuck queries, for example if a node was stopped or crashed.

  • Casts to nested arrays are now properly supported.

  • The type of parameter placeholders in sub-queries in the FROM clause of a query can now be resolved to support PostgreSQL clients relying on the ParameterDescription message. This enables queries like select * from (select $1::int + $2) t

  • Fixed error readability of certain ALTER TABLE operations.

  • Fixed SQL parser to not allow repeated PARTITION BY or CLUSTERED BY | INTO tokens on CREATE TABLE statements.

  • Support ECS Task IAM profile credentials on AWS S3 repositories.