Version 4.6.7

Released on 2022-01-18.


If you are upgrading a cluster, you must be running CrateDB 4.0.2 or higher before you upgrade to 4.6.7.

We recommend that you upgrade to the latest 4.3 release before moving to 4.6.7.

A rolling upgrade from 4.5.x to 4.6.7 is supported.

Before upgrading, you should back up your data.

Table of Contents

See the Version 4.6.0 release notes for a full list of changes in the 4.6 series.


  • Fixed an issue that caused the npgsql PostgreSQL client to fail with an System.Exception: Received unexpected backend message ParseComplete error if using the EntityFramework.Core framework to insert records.

  • Fixed an issue that could lead to errors like Received resultset tuples, but no field structure for them when fetching a subset of rows from one query, and then intermediately triggering a different query before finishing the first query.

  • Fixed an issue that could cause clients using the PostgreSQL wire protocol to receive row counts in incorrect orders when using APIs that allow to execute multiple statements in a batch.

  • Fixed an issue that could cause inserts into partitioned tables to fail with a IndexNotFoundException if concurrently deleting partitions.

  • Fixed a BWC translog issue for indices created with CrateDB < 3.2.

  • Updated log4j to 2.17.1 because of CVE-2021-45046 and CVE-2021-45105. CrateDB isn’t affected by default. The log4j configuration shipped with CrateDB doesn’t include any of the problematic layout patterns. This is a pre-caution in case users changed the default configuration.