Shard allocation filtering

Shard allocation filters allows to configure shard and replicas allocation per table across generic attributes associated with nodes.


The per-table shard allocation filtering works in conjunction with Cluster Level Allocation.

It is possible to assign certain attributes to a node, see Custom attributes.

These attributes can be used with routing.allocation.* settings to allocate a table to a particular group of nodes.


The following settings are dynamic, allowing tables to be allocated (when defined on table creation) or moved (when defined by altering a table) from one set of nodes to another:


Assign the table to a node whose {attribute} has at least one of the comma-separated values.


Assign the table to a node whose {attribute} has all of the comma-separated values.


Assign the table to a node whose {attribute} has none of the comma-separated values.

Special attributes

Following special attributes are supported:


Match nodes by node name.


Match nodes by host IP address (IP associated with hostname).


Match nodes by publish IP address.


Match either _host_ip or _publish_ip.


Match nodes by hostname.