Version 2.0.1

Released on 2017/06/12.


CrateDB 2.x versions prior 2.0.4 (including this version) contain a critical bug which leads to deletion of blob data upon node shutdown. It is recommended to not install those versions.

Table of contents


Breaking Changes

  • Changed default required shard copies for table creation and write operations from quorum to all.

  • Changed the default value of number_of_replicas from 1 to 0-1.


  • Expose new setting write.wait_for_active_shards to allow users to adjust the required shard copies for write operation to their needs.

  • Expose fields for information_schema.columns and information_schema.tables so that it conforms to SQL-99 standard.


  • Added missing table setting translog.durability which is required and must be set accordingly so that translog.sync_interval takes effect.

  • Fixed a NPE when querying sys.shards table.

  • Log failed authentication attempts at log level WARN.