Bit operators

Bit operators perform bitwise operations on numeric integral values and bit strings:




Bitwise AND of operands.


Bitwise OR of operands.


Bitwise XOR of operands.

Here’s an example that uses all of the available bit operators:

cr> select 1 & 2 | 3 # 4 AS n;
| n |
| 7 |
SELECT 1 row in set (... sec)

And an example with bit strings:

cr> select B'101' # B'011' AS n;
| n      |
| B'110' |
SELECT 1 row in set (... sec)

When applied to numeric operands, bit operators always return the data type of the argument with the higher precision.

If at least one operand is NULL, bit operators return NULL.

When applied to BIT strings, operands must have equal length.


Bit operators have the same precedence and evaluated from left to right. Use parentheses if you want to ensure a specific order of evaluation.