How to Build AI-driven Knowledge Assistants with a Vector Store, LLMs and RAG Pipelines

Christian Kurze
Christian Kurze
VP Product, CrateDB
Marija Selakovic
Marija Selakovic
Developer Advocate, CrateDB

Discover how you can leverage CrateDB as a vector store using native SQL, to create a knowledge assistant powered by Generative AI.

What you will learn

  • Leveraging Vector Store Capabilities: Learn how to harness the power of vector stores using standard SQL for efficient data retrieval and manipulation, vital for powering sophisticated AI applications.
  • CrateDB's Role in AI: Discover why CrateDB is a pivotal choice for AI applications, particularly for its multi-model capabilities that streamline complex data management and enhance AI-driven insights.
  • Seamless Integration with Advanced AI Tools: Explore how to integrate CrateDB with LangChain and OpenAI, including the flexibility to incorporate various embedding algorithms and LLMs, to create a robust AI ecosystem.
  • Practical Demonstration: Participate in an end-to-end demonstration within a Jupyter Notebook, which attendees can revisit and reference post-webinar. It provides a tangible experience on how to create a chatbot on top of your customer support database using Generative AI.  


About CrateDB

CrateDB is an open source, multi-model and distributed database that combines the simplicity of SQL, the performance of NoSQL, and the readiness for AI. With CrateDB, you can query any type of data and get insights in milliseconds, regardless of data complexity, volume, or velocity.

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Our Speakers

Dr. Christian Kurze
Christian Kurze VP Product, CrateDB

Christian Kurze currently serves as the VP of Product at CrateDB, where he steers its vision and strategy. Prior to his role at CrateDB, Christian contributed to MongoDB and Denodo by shaping their go-to-market strategies in Central and Eastern Europe, leveraging his previous experience in consulting and startups. With over 15 years of professional experience, he has cultivated an in-depth understanding of data ecosystems. His expertise spans from databases, data integration, analytics, and reporting to software development and automation. Christian holds a Ph.D. in Active Metadata Management for Data Warehouse Systems.

Marija Selakovic
Marija Selakovic Developer Advocate, CrateDB

Marija Selakovic is a developer advocate working with the CrateDB database and various other data engineering tools. She holds a Ph.D. degree in computer science from TU Darmstadt and a Master's degree in software engineering from VU University Amsterdam. As a developer advocate, Marija builds technical content, speaks at developer conferences, and helps other software developers be productive and successful in using CrateDB.