How real-time IoT data can optimize the supply chain with the Thomas Concrete Group

Learn how Thomas Concrete Group is using CrateDB to monitor crucial processes of their supply chain, such as the concrete delivery to the customer on-site or the concrete curing process


In this webinar, we were chatting with Tove Petterson, Business Development Manager at Thomas Concrete Group, about the two projects in which CrateDB is being used

You’ll get some first-hand insights from Kristoffer Axelsson, Principal Solution Architect working with Thomas Concrete Group, about the advantages of working with CrateDB for their different use cases.

Being in the concrete business since the 1950s, the Thomas Concrete Group recognizes the value of offering digital services to their customers—and the competitive advantages that come with being an early adopter of innovation within the industry.

What you will learn


How and why a traditional company as Thomas Concrete Group is adopting industrial IoT practices


Why they chose CrateDB instead of other databases


How their architecture looks like, including the integration of CrateDB with Azure IoT Hub

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Tove Petterson
Speaker Name Business Development Manager at Thomas Concrete Group

Tove explains two IoT use cases where currently Thomas Concrete Groups is using CrateDB.

Kristoffer Axelsson
Kristoffer Axelsson Principal Solution Architect at Thomas Concrete Group

Kristoffer is the lead architect working closely with CrateDB. He will dive into the use case from a technical point of view

Simon Potgieter
Simon Potgieter Senior Account Executive at CrateDB
Cuck Aguilar
Cuck Aguilar Engineer at CrateDB