Real-time Monitoring

How O-CELL real-time monitoring solution helps to reduce the environmental impact of infrastructures with CrateDB


Founded in 2017, O-CELL provides a SAAS solution aimed at reducing energy and water waste to lower the environmental impact of infrastructures.

To develop a real-time monitoring solution, O-CELL needed a scalable and fault tolerant database with a flexible data schema storage upgrades and ease of use for deploying additional resources.

Being their database since an early stage, CrateDB has adapted to O-CELL business needs, offering scalability, reliability and speed, essential for real-time monitoring.

What you will learn


Learn how O-CELL real time solution monitors energy consumption, production, indoor air quality and much more;


How O-CELL is dealing with machine breakdowns and preventing loosing data;


How O-CELL reduced the time spent on scaling and hiring specific resources with CrateDB; 


Why following the advice and analysis by CrateDB support, helped O-CELL enhance their solution; 

How O-CELL structures the data in CrateDB from various IoT sensors.

Our Speakers

Charles-Edouard Ruault
Charles-Edouard Ruault Co Founder, O-CELL

Charles started programming computers for fun at 14 in 1984! After 4 years in the Silicon Valley, he joined a start-up developing a predictive maintenance solution in 2002 to work on an edge signal processing embedded system and web front-end platform. In 2007, he co-founded a mobile application start-up, providing mobile content backup solution.

Finally, in 2017 co-founded O-CELL and developed the solution that is now sold to municipalities, holiday resorts, and campsites to help them lower their environmental footprint and save on energy & water bills.

Hernan Cianfagna
Hernan Cianfagna Senior Solutions Engineer, CrateDB 

Hernán is a Senior Solutions Engineer at Crate.io, helping companies discover the full potential of CrateDB. He is passionate about databases and distributed systems and has experience working with companies of all sizes in different industries. Hernán holds a master's in Software Engineering from the University of Oxford.