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Enabling the Real-Time, AI-Powered Future

Unifying data for real-time AI


"There’s nothing new about analytics-driven decision making — it has been on the scene for years and is in widespread use. The difference is that with AI, changes can be made on-the-fly as datasets or conditions evolve. AI derives its logic from pattern matching, meaning it draws from existing data to predict likely outcomes, updating from new or changed conditions as it goes along."

Organizations today are hungry for information that can be acted on as events occur. In fact, when the editorial team asked data practitioners what is driving their decisions around new data architecture patterns, platforms, and tools, the two biggest reasons they gave them were increasing real-time analytics and AI capabilities. Download this special report to dive into the latest technology solutions and evolving best practices.



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What you will learn

  • Why AI marks a shift in the way businesses treat their data and why a dramatic turn in data strategies is needed.
  • What potential real-time AI brings to make instant decisions in various scenarios, such as customer service, production, and marketing, by analyzing streaming data.
  • What is needed for AI-driven decision-making, and what are the challenges that need to be solved.
  • How to overcome the challenge of managing diverse data with a multi-model database.
  • Why CrateDB is an ideal database for real-time AI solutions.