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TGW Logistics redefines warehouse intelligence using CrateDB


In the world of commerce, moving merchandise quickly and efficiently depends largely on the performance of a company’s warehouse and logistics systems.

The fact is that streamlined warehouse operations typically equate to more responsive, less costly fulfillment – and happier customers.

For more than five decades, TGW Logistics Group has been helping leading brands in fashion and apparel, grocery, and industrial and consumer goods drive higher warehouse performance. By delivering automated, efficient, future-proof warehouse systems, TGW is solving supply chain challenges for its customers and leading them on a journey to the fully autonomous fulfillment center of the future.

Achieving this vision requires data – lots of it. TGW simplifies aggregating massive volumes of diverse data with CrateDB, gaining valuable insights to improve customer experience and competitive advantage

What you will learn


How TGW is handling large volumes of diverse data


Why classical databases prove insufficient for such a use case


How CrateDB simplifies data aggregation and access


How TGW turns data into competitive advantage with CrateDB

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