Using InfluxDB for Time Series Data?

If you have large data workloads, maybe it’s time for you to switch to CrateDB, the next-gen time-series database technology!

In recent months, numerous companies have reached out to CrateDB, expressing their decision to transition away from InfluxDB. When asked why, their responses were strikingly similar:

  • "I've lost trust in InfluxDB; they keep changing their architecture without considering users."
  • "I'm tired of rewriting my application and dashboards with every major version of InfluxDB."
  • "We feel there's a lack of clarity in InfluxDB's vision."
  • "With InfluxDB's complete code rebuild, I'm now worried about encountering numerous bugs and support issues."

It's clear that a growing community is dissatisfied with InfluxDB.

If you are part of these companies seeking for an affordable and reliable alternative, we've crafted a tailored offer for you:

Get 5 hours of free assistance to migrate to CrateDB seamlessly

By migrating to CrateDB, you will enjoy a real-time analytics database for high workloads of time series, documents and vectors, along with several benefits:

  • Native SQL, for simplicity;
  • Native distributed SQL query engine on top of a NoSQL foundation;
  • Distributed and highly scalable database very well suited for high workloads;
  • A real-time analytic database for your time series data, but also for other types of data very useful for enrichment (document, vector, geospatial). 

CrateDB offers interesting features that accelerate your time series projects:

  • Flexible schema that can be configured at the table level
  • All data is indexed out-of-the-box
  • Response time in milliseconds, even for complex queries and very large volumes
  • Integration with machine learning frameworks and support for complex aggregations
  • No need to downsample your data
  • Distributed computing with optimized sharding and partitioning
  • High availability
  • DBaaS, private cloud, on-premises, edge deployments
  • Unrestricted access to your data, no minimum size for queries (cloud)
  • Scaling with no performance degradation
  • Low energy footprint

Why choose CrateDB ?

CrateDB is deployed by hundreds of companies across the globe and is a leader in the time series database category on G2, the world leading B2B software review platform.

CrateDB is a leader in Time Series Databases on G2
Users love CrateDB on G2

Can all my data be migrated?

Yes, all your data can be migrated, CrateDB supports a variety of data types and structures.

How do I connect to other solutions (e.g. Telegraf)?

CrateDB can easily integrate with a large ecosystem thanks to the Postgres Wire Protocol. You can also leverage the Telegraf output Plugin for CrateDB (also on GitHub).

Can all my queries be migrated?

Yes, all your queries can be migrated, but will need to be transformed into the CrateDB native SQL syntax. Check out this blog post to view a series of comparison examples.

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