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Thanks to its PostgreSQL compatibility, CrateDB integrates with many tools. You can find a sample list of the most common tools below.

Developer tools

DBeaver logo

Run queries and manage your data with CrateDB and DBeaver


Access, run, and edit connections and queries with CrateDB and SQLPad

Data integration


Unlock the full potential of your data pipeline with CrateDB and Apache NiFi

balena logo

Create an efficient IoT platform with CrateDB and balena

dapr logo

Connect to CrateDB with Dapr for efficient data management and storage

Apache Kafka Logo

Ingest event data seamlessly and get enriched analysis and visualization with CrateDB and Kafka

Node-Red logo

Build scalable applications with CrateDB and Node-RED

Prometheus logo

Store long-term metrics with Prometheus and CrateDB

StreamSets logo

Leverage CrateDB’s scalable storage and real-time query capabilities with StreamSets Data Collector

Telegraf logo

Collect, store, and analyze real-time data with CrateDB and Telegraf

Machine Learning

LangChain Logo

Empower your applications with data analysis and AI capabilities with CrateDB and LangChain

MLflow logo

Streamline your machine learning workflows with CrateDB and MLflow

Pycaret logo

Optimize your machine learning workflows with CrateDB and PyCaret


Apache Airglow logo

Simplify your orchestration workflows with seamless automation with CrateDB and Apache Airflow

n8n logo

Automate work in CrateDB and integrate with other applications

Visualization & Analytics

Cube logo

Enable data analysis at scale with CrateDB and Cube


Start querying your data instantly with CrateDB and DataStation


Visualize and monitor time series data with CrateDB and Grafana


Connect CrateDB and Intanta for Manufacturing Data Integration

Metabase logo

Get insights from various types of data with CrateDB and Metabase


Connect CrateDB with the PostgreSQL ODBC Driver


Create online data-driven reports and dashboards with CrateDB and Power BI

R logo

Create a Machine Learning pipeline with CrateDB and R


Unlock the power of time-series visualization with CrateDB and Apache Superset


Easily access and analyze large volumes of data with CrateDB and Tableau

Explo logo

Customer-facing Analytics with Explo and CrateDB

cluvio logo

Data Analysis with CrateDB and Cluvio



Store long-term metrics with Prometheus and CrateDB

"Having a standardized SQL language is a big advantage with CrateDB. That makes it very easy for people to access this data and work with it in different tools like Grafana or Tableau."
Alexander Mann
Owner Connected
Warehouse Architecture
TGW Group