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CrateDB Cloud

Discover the fully managed, scalable SQL database designed for real-time search and analytics. It supports fast analytics applications with real-time indexing of time-series, JSON, vector, text, and geo data. Perform near real-time analytics on vast data sets with complex queries and streamline data management across multiple cloud providers.

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CrateDB Cloud
Reference Manual

Want to dive deep into CrateDB? Explore the comprehensive reference manual.

At the core of CrateDB Cloud sits CrateDB, the open-source, distributed, and scalable SQL database system designed for storing and analyzing massive amounts of data in real-time, even with complex queries.

Based on Lucene and inherited from Elasticsearch/OpenSearch, CrateDB supports time series, documents, and vectors, combining the simplicity of SQL with the scalability of a distributed architecture.

CrateDB Reference Manual
Client Libraries

Connect your applications to CrateDB and CrateDB Cloud, using database drivers, libraries, adapters, connectors, and dialects.

CrateDB supports both the HTTP protocol and the PostgreSQL wire protocol, which ensures that many clients that work with PostgreSQL, will also work with CrateDB. Through corresponding drivers, CrateDB is compatible with ODBC, JDBC, and other database API specifications.

CrateDB Client Drivers and Libraries

Guides and Tutorials


Learn about the fundamentals of CrateDB, guided and self-guided.

Getting Started

Getting started with CrateDB

The CrateDB Guide

The CrateDB Guide

Academy Courses

The CrateDB Academy

Community Portal

The CrateDB Community Portal

Database Clients and Tools

Learn about the fundamental tools and utility programs that support working directly with CrateDB.

Admin UI

The CrateDB Admin UI
Crash CLI

The Crash CLI

Drivers and Integrations

Learn about database client libraries, drivers, adapters, connectors, and integrations with 3rd-party applications and frameworks.

Ecosystem Catalog

Ecosystem Catalog
Integration Tutorials I

Integration Tutorials I
Integration Tutorials II

Integration Tutorials II


Learn how to use CrateDB by digesting concise examples.

CrateDB Examples

CrateDB Examples
Sample Apps

CrateDB Sample Apps

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