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Drivers and Tools

Discover seamless ways to establish connections to your CrateDB cluster using various language-specific drivers, adapters, command-line programs, and more.

Language Drivers

CrateDB enables effortless connectivity with the support for HTTP protocol and the PostgreSQL Wire Protocol. To successfully connect to CrateDB, configuring your application or driver with the appropriate settings is crucial. Explore the recommended drivers and adapters tailored for different languages and frameworks below.

Explore getting started tutorials and advanced guides to start configuring your CrateDB cluster now. 


Learn how to set up and configure the CrateDB Python driver for streamlined connections in your Python applications

Java logo

Dive into the details of configuring the CrateDB Java driver to seamlessly integrate CrateDB with your Java-based projects

Node.js logo

Explore the steps to establish connections using the CrateDB Node.js driver, optimizing interactions with Node.js applications

Go logo

Discover how to configure the CrateDB Go driver to enhance connectivity and data retrieval in your Go-based projects

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Configure the CrateDB PHP driver for smooth integration within PHP applications


Learn how to connect to CrateDB using .NET with the Npgsql data provider

Command Line Tools

Use command line tools to connect to CrateDB effortlessly. They enable you to validate HTTP and PostgreSQL connectivity or perform basic scripting, empowering you to connect to and interact with your CrateDB cluster seamlessly.

CrateDB Shell (Crash) Logo

Utilize the CrateDB Shell (Crash), an interactive command-line interface tool designed for efficient interactions with CrateDB. Easily execute commands and manage your database with this user-friendly interface.


Leverage psql, a terminal-based front-end to PostgreSQL, for interactive query execution. Input queries, send them to PostgreSQL, and view the results directly within your terminal environment.


Explore the HTTPie CLI, a modern and user-friendly command-line HTTP client equipped with JSON support, colors, session management, download capabilities, plugins, and more. Enhance your connectivity and interaction with CrateDB.


Harness the power of curl, a versatile command-line tool and library for data transfer with URLs. cURL facilitates seamless data exchange and retrieval from your CrateDB cluster.

Admin UI

Discover the simplicity of managing your CrateDB cluster through the web administration user interface (or Admin UI). Running on every CrateDB node, the Admin UI provides a comprehensive view and interaction capabilities with your entire CrateDB cluster. Accessible via HTTP on port 4200, you can explore and navigate your cluster easily. 

Learn more about connecting and navigating the Admin UI in the documentation.


Our REST API available for CrateDB Cloud provides a programmable interface for a seamless connection, automated management, effortless visualization, and reporting. With almost identical capabilities to the UI, the API facilitates effortless integration into existing workflows, enabling tasks such as monitoring, storage increase, setting up alerts, and making data-driven decisions through simple and efficient API calls. Learn more.