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For the past years, CrateDB has received financing in multiple investment rounds. Our investors are mostly venture capital funds and industrial investors.
Deutsche Invest Venture Capital invests in exceptional market-transforming technology companies. DIVC primarily seeks Series A+ investments, supporting outstanding founders and innovative B2B business models through all phases of growth across the fields of IoT, SaaS, TMT, healthcare, fintech, software and data analytics.
Molten Ventures is a member of the Draper Venture Network. Molten backs winning companies and does everything it can to help them achieve and exceed their ambitions.
Vsquared ventures has the dedicated mission of finding and backing transformative entrepreneurs and technologies. Once committed to a partnership, they will do whatever it takes to help accelerate and scale their companies' vision.
Zetta Venture Partners invests in intelligent enterprise software. They partner with companies building software that learns from data to analyze, predict and prescribe outcomes. They lead or co-lead $1-5M funding rounds.
Breeze Invest is a Vienna-based investment boutique focused on early stage and growth investments in the DACH and CEE region. Beyond the role of a passive financial investor, Breeze Invest GmbH provides its diverse expertise in business development, operational excellence and corporate finance.
SpeedInvest is an early-stage fund based in Vienna, Austria and Silicon Valley. With funds of approximately EUR 100M, Speed­Invest targets European startups in the In­ ternet and mobile sectors. SpeedInvest also provides the entrepreneurial know-how and operational experience that is so essential to building great companies.