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Startup Pack

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At CrateDB, we love startups because we have been going through these existing “explore, learn and grow” phases ourselves. We know that building a product takes time and requires several integrations with 3rd party technologies that need to be enterprise-grade, worry-free and meant to last.
That’s why we designed a Startup pack to help startups get the most of CrateDB, while still at the beginning of their journey.

For a discounted flat price, the CrateDB Startup pack offers a specific number of credits for the CrateDB cloud service. These credits roughly cover a period of 12 months runtime of a CrateDB cluster sized to meet your needs.

This also includes a set of professional services from our data engineering team:


  • 3-hour consulting session to address use cases, architecture, imports and other miscellaneous topics.
  • Hands-on cluster setup.
  • Analysis of the initial dataset to import and recommendations on the best procedures.


  • 12 months of free access to the support portal.
  • Consultative inquiries to get feedback, expert guidance, and best practices advice.
  • Technical audit to ensure a future proof and scalable solution.


  • Monthly meetings.
  • Full review meeting after 10 months of operation to review the results and define the next steps.

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