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CrateDB offers a powerful REST API that provides a programmable interface to manage and access various aspects of CrateDB, allowing you to perform tasks and retrieve information programmatically. It is only available for CrateDB Cloud.

CrateDB’s API brings the following benefits:

  • Automated management: Set up automated API calls for tasks such as monitoring and storage increase.
  • Seamless integration: Integrate CrateDB Cloud seamlessly into existing workflows through APIs.
  • Effortless visualization and reporting: Easily set up database alerts, visualize database metrics, and make informed decisions by pulling data via API calls.
The CrateDB API offers capabilities that are almost identical to the UI and covers a range of endpoints

  • Organizations 
  • Regions 
  • Clusters 
  • Products 
  • Users 
  • Roles 
  • Subscriptions

Product documentation

CrateDB Cloud API Documentation

Additional resources


Introducing API Tokens for CrateDB Cloud

API tokens make it easier to programmatically integrate CrateDB Cloud into your existing workflows and applications.


Monitoring CrateDB Cloud clusters

This tutorial demonstrates how you can monitor your CrateDB Cloud cluster using the exposed Prometheus metrics. 

Interested in the REST API?