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CrateDB + Cluvio

Data Analysis with CrateDB and Cluvio
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CrateDB is a hyper-fast opensource distributed database technology that combines the best out of the SQL and NoSQL worlds. It supports the PostgreSQL wire protocol for easy integration with many data engineering tools.

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Cluvio is an interactive analytics platform where you can run queries, filter results, and choose vibrant ways to display and share them with ease. The dashboards are interactive, allowing you to change aggregation, select specific time ranges, and filter by any attribute. Analyze your data using SQL and R to create stunning, interactive dashboards for your entire company in minutes. 

Harness the capabilities of Cluvio, an advanced data analysis platform with CrateDB Cloud as its underlying database. By utilizing Cluvio, you can effectively decipher your data. Simply navigate to the Cloud Console, establish a connection between your cluster and Cluvio, and embark on your data analysis journey! 

Learn how to use CrateDB with Cluvio


Data Analysis with Cluvio and CrateDB

Learn how to leverage the power of Cluvio, a modern data analysis platform with CrateDB Cloud as the underlying database.