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CrateDB + Prometheus 

Monitor your services in real-time and store collected metrics for long-term analysis.
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CrateDB is a hyper-fast opensource distributed database technology that combines the best out of the SQL and NoSQL worlds. It supports the PostgreSQL wire protocol for easy integration with many data engineering tools.

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Prometheus is an open-source monitoring and alerting toolkit that is very useful for monitoring machine metrics and service-oriented architectures, supporting multi-dimensional data collection and querying.

With the CrateDB Prometheus adapter, users can effortlessly save their collected metrics data from Promotheus into CrateDB and leverage CrateDB's fast ingestion and query speed.

CrateDB Cloud leverages the power of Prometheus and Grafana combined to offer users enhanced monitoring capabilities of the cluster.

Many IT systems, including Docker, expose systems monitoring metrics to Prometheus for short-term storage and time series dashboarding. Prometheus is a single-server datastore, which makes it easy to setup, but also limits the amount of data it can process to that one machine.

In order to support Prometheus long-term storage of time series data, Prometheus supports external storage solutions. The  seamlessly connects those same IT systems to CrateDB via the Prometheus remote read/write request interface. This gives users a fault-tolerant way to scale their IT metrics data to hold months, or even years of time series data and analyze it using SQL.




Watch a step-by-step guide to using Prometheus and Grafana with CrateDB Cloud

Scale and analyze months or years of IT metrics time-series data


February 22, 2023

Learn how to set up Docker Compose to run CrateDB, Prometheus, and the CrateDB Prometheus Adapter. Run the applications with Docker Compose.


October 6, 2017
In this post, we’re going to connect Prometheus to CrateDB. Using CrateDB allows us to effortlessly scale out Prometheus.


April 7, 2021

Learn how to run CrateDB, Prometheus, and Grafana with docker-compose, enable JMX monitoring in CrateDB, and set up a monitoring dashboard in Grafana with the option to import a complete pre-built dashboard.