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CrateDB + n8n

Automate work in CrateDB and integrate CrateDB with other applications.

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CrateDB is a hyper-fast opensource distributed database technology that combines the best out of the SQL and NoSQL worlds. It supports the PostgreSQL wire protocol for easy integration with many data engineering tools.

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n8n is a Fair-code licensed tool that helps you automate tasks, sync data between various sources, and react to events using a visual workflow canvas. It's possible to select from more than 300 nodes to build an automation workflow.


With n8n and CrateDB, it's possible to automate work in CrateDB and integrate with other applications via automation workflows. n8n has built-in support for a wide range of CrateDB features, including executing queries as well as inserting and updating rows in the database. Organizations can easily exchange data between applications, manage more and more data, and store their business-critical data in a highly available and reliable way.

Automating smart factories to monitor machines with n8n and CrateDB

Learn how to generate and manage CrateDB snapshots with low-code workflows in n8n


How to automatically create and manage database backups

Learn how to implement some aspects of automated management of backups in the CrateDB database with no-code workflows in n8n.