Migrating from [Rockset] to CrateDB

Rockset is shutting down on the 30th of September. If you are looking for a real-time search and analytics database, we've got you covered. CrateDB is a distributed SQL database purposely built for real-time analytics across large datasets of structured and semi-structured data. Similarly to Rockset, CrateDB indexes all data in real-time (text, vector, geospatial, time-series, and JSON) for the most efficient search and fast ad hoc query execution at any scale. CrateDB is built on top of Apache Lucene and unlike Rockset, it is open-source

"We explored several solutions like Clickhouse, Rockset, Snowflake, among others. CrateDB is a great fit for us. Having a Cloud offer was perfect along with having the nested structure we were looking for."
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From Rockset to CrateDB

Why Choose CrateDB as a Rockset replacement?

Unmatched Performance: 

  • Execute ad-hoc queries on hundreds of billions of records in milliseconds;
  • Combine Columnar and Row-Oriented Storage (with distributed inverted indexes and BKD trees) for optimal data retrieval and query performance;
  • Real-time indexing of all data without compromising speed.

Developer Experience and Scalability:

  • Utilize standard SQL and PostgreSQL Wire Protocol for easy onboarding and compatibility with 3rd party tools;
  • Object, time-series, geo, full-text, and vector data in one system;
  • Scale from a single node to petabytes of data across hundreds of nodes. 

Powerful Search:

  • Full-text Search: Utilize Lucene-powered full-text search for powerful data retrieval;
  • Geo Search: Execute precise spatial data queries;
  • Vector Search: Enhance your analytics and AI applications with advanced vector search capabilities.

Secure, Open Source, and Integrated:

  • Open Source: Transparent and flexible, leveraging a robust community;
  • Secure and Compliant: Ensuring data protection and regulatory compliance; 
  • Growing Ecosystem: Choose from a wide range of integrations for data ingestion, visualization, language clients, and more. 

CrateDB is deployed by hundreds of companies across the globe for their real-time analytics projects. 


Technical analysis, benchmarks and cost analysis on [Rockset] replacement

> Why CrateDB is a perfect [Rockset] replacement for real-time analytics and hybrid Search

   This article talks about:

  • Converged index aka automated indexing
  • Fully-Featured SQL and HTTP interface
  • Support for handling structured, semi-structured, and unstructured data
  • Support for real-time streaming and updates
  • CrateDB is fully open source and deployment-agnostic

> How CrateDB Compares to Rockset (and ElasticSearch/OpenSearch) for Streaming Ingest

   Key take-aways of this article are:

  • CrateDB outperforms Rockset on the same hardware while saving about 20% costs.
  • CrateDB achieves 6-9x lower latencies than Rockset for streaming ingest.
  • When volumes increase, the latency increases linearly in Rockset, while remaining mostly flat in CrateDB.

> CrateDB as a cost effective alternative to [Rockset]

   This article explains you can save 20% with CrateDB. 



Yes, all your data can be migrated, CrateDB supports a variety of data types and structures.

CrateDB can easily integrate with a large ecosystem thanks to the Postgres Wire Protocol.

Yes, both Rockset and CrateDB use SQL as their native query language.


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