Welcome to the tutorials section, the next step in your CrateDB Cloud journey! Here you’ll find comprehensive guides designed to help you make the most of your newly set-up cluster. Whether you are just getting started, or aim to deepen your understanding, these tutorials will walk you through key features and efficient practices to optimize your CrateDB experience.


Dive into the world of time-series data with CrateDB. This tutorial will guide you through the best ways to store, query, and analyze time-series data.

It is perfect for those working with IoT devices, monitoring systems, or any application where time-oriented data is crucial.


Managing JSON or other structured data? This tutorial on using the object data type in CrateDB is your go-to guide.

Learn how to store nested data efficiently and how to query this data with ease. This tutorial is particularly useful for those dealing with semi-structured data formats like JSON.

Full-Text Search

Unlock the potential of text-based data with CrateDB’s Full-Text Search capabilities.

This tutorial will teach you how to set up your database for text search, how to create the relevant indices, and how to query your text data efficiently. A must-read for anyone looking to make sense of large volumes of unstructured text data.

Advanced Time-Series

This tutorial demonstrates how to augment time-series data with the metadata to enable more comprehensive analysis.

The techniques and queries allow for unlocking deeper insights and harnessing the full potential of time-series data in real-world applications.

Feel free to dive into any of these tutorials to explore the features that are most relevant to your use case. We wish you a happy learning experience.