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Thousands of Clusters Running Globally

Across all continents, CrateDB is used by companies of all sizes to meet the most stringent requirements in terms of speed and scalability while minimizing the overhead of operations.

A Fast Growing Number of Customers

"We needed a database that could watch, record and analyse production in real time. CrateDB gives us the freedom to be cumulative and scale limitless - we found no alternative database with such simplicity and efficiency.”

Arno Breuss
Arno Breuss CIO Rauch Group

"CrateDB is the only database that gives us the speed, scalability and ease of use to collect and aggregate measurements from hundreds of thousands of industrial sensors for real-time visibility into power, temperature, pressure, speed and torque."

Jürgen Sutterlüti
Jürgen Sutterlüti VP Gantner Instruments

“Our distribution centers produce a lot of sensor data and we enable our customers to take data driven decisions. CrateDB allows us to operate on any Cloud and on-prem/Edge with simplicity and stellar performance, and significant cost advantages.”

Alexander Mann
Alexander Mann Owner Connected Warehouse Architecture
ABB Ability™ Genix optimizes operations and increases asset availability in industrial use cases by analyzing vast amounts of data in real-time. They use CrateDB to unlock the value of industrial data, working with advanced data analysis and data management capabilities. With a data ingestion rate of an 1 million values per second and event retrieval ranging from 30,000 to 120,000 events per second, ABB optimizes industrial efficiency and productivity.

"Working with CrateDB brings positive outcomes. The ingestion and throughput have very good performance, with 1 million values/sec, the horizontal scalability where we can add as many nodes as we need and the automatic query distribution across the whole cluster"

Marko Sommarberg
Lead, Digital Strategy and Business Development at ABB

"CrateDB allows us to do real-time dashboards on very big streaming and historic datasets in a simple way. We can scale the system easily as we grow the load and customers and have it all done with SQL."
Christopher Müller
VoIPstudio is an award-winning VoIP phone service. They use CrateDB to manage call detail records (CDRs). MySQL had been used successfully for several years, but due to increasingly poor performance it was replaced by CrateDB.
"After a successful and problem-free implementation it became clear to us that CrateDB was the solution we were looking for. We gained better performance and new possibilities for our customers. We are going to improve and extend our cloud system using CrateDB."
SPGo! is part of PETROMIN, which has more than 23 years of experience in the mining and oil industries. They build applications for monitoring all material conveyor belt idlers every minute 24 hours a day through online sensors. They use CrateDB as a central database to capture and query data from 30,000 sensors per mine, representing 760 million records a day.

"With CrateDB, we can continue designing products that add value to our customers. We will continue to rely on CrateDB when we need a database that offers great scalability, reliability and speed."


Nixon Monge Calle
Head of IT Development and Projects
SPGo! Business Intelligence

Thomas Concrete Group is the world- leader organization in the construction industry with 150+ concrete plants and 2,100+ employees. They use CrateDB both for tracking of their delivery trucks and tracking the curing of the concrete in real-time.

"Thanks to CrateDB's great indexing, dedicated data types, and subsequent great performance, we could execute an event and data-driven architecture, with the performance and scalability necessary for storing time-series data over time. The SQL query syntax capability of CrateDB also played a part in achieving this great outcome, as it made it easy for the team to write good performing queries using existing know-how. CrateDB is now an integral part of our big data streaming architecture and it is delivering as promised."

Kristoffer Axelsson
Principal Solution Architect
Thomas Concrete Group

Bitmovin is a leading video streaming company. They use CrateDB to store 140 terabytes of storage, both user events and user interactions. Every day, there is one billion of new lines of data, with the largest tables containing around 60 billion playback events.

"It is through the use of CrateDB that we are able to offer our large-scale video analytics component in the first place. Comparable products are either not capable of handling the large flood of data or they are simply too expensive."


Daniel Hölbling-Inzko
Senior Director of Engineering - Analytics

"We collect continuous production data on the shopfloor and capture huge volumes of raw data long-term for advanced data science going forward. CrateDB makes this very easy for us."
Philipp Lehner
ClearVoice provides content writing services and with an ecosystem of top writers. They use CrateDB to power their search index, which stores 20 million records and this is expected to grow to billions in the near future.

"I started looking at CrateDB and was impressed by the quality of the code. Switching from MySQL to CrateDB took a couple of days. It was very convenient to integrate CrateDB into our existing base even though it was written for a different database. The fact that CrateDB uses SQL lowers the barrier to entry when using distributed search. And on top of that, with CrateDB you can replace MongoDB and Elastisearch with one scalable package ."

Jeff Nappi
Director of Engineering

Spatially Health is a provider of location intelligence software.They use CrateDB for their data scientists to find geographic insights through the patterns and relationships in their data by analyzing terabytes of data. They plan to scale CrateDB to handle hundreds of terabytes as it continues to expand to other cities.

"Postgres couldn't keep up with the data we have; Datastax Enterprise had ingest scaling issues with spatial data; Cassandra didn't have spatial query operations. CrateDB was the only database we found that could smoothly process data for our users and for our data science team. We fell in love with it immediately."

Kartik Venkatesh
Spatially Health

Spatially-Health tracks automotive vehicle fleets in real-time. They use CrateDB to enable storage and analysis of up to 2,000 data points per second, per car.

"Most of the cars in our customers' fleets are in use almost 24 hours a day, and we need to store and analyse the massive amounts of data they generate in real time. We tried a few different SQL and NoSQL databases, and CrateDB offered the best combination of high performance, scalability and ease of use."

Mark Sutheran

The GolfNow division of the NBC Universal GolfChannel is trusted by 4 million registered golfers to search for golf courses that fit preference and budget. They use CrateDB to currently perform real-time queries of more than 300 million rows of data, hundreds of times per second.

"CrateDB was a better solution for our needs than any other SQL or NoSQL database we tried. It was easy to migrate code off of our legacy SQL database and onto CrateDB to immediately benefit from its data flexibility and scalable performance."

Sheriff Mohamed
Director of Architecture

DriveNow helps travelers find and easily compare the best online rates for car and campervan rentals in real time. They use CrateDB to store clickstream data, comprising logs of pages users visit, links they click, search filters they select and site-generated emails they interact with. Real-time queries are made to analyze how promotional campaigns, user interface design changes and A/B tests affect the user experience.
"CrateDB is ideal because it's capable of writing data at a high rate, and delivering fast queries to our business team at the same time. We couldn't have done that using a traditional SQL database without a lot of difficulty."
"Having a standardized SQL language is a big advantage with CrateDB. That makes it very easy for people to access this data and work with it in different tools like Grafana or Tableau."
Alexander Mann
Owner Connected
Warehouse Architecture
TGW Group
Roomonitor specializes in IoT climate control systems that monitor and control air conditioning for the hospitality industry. They use CrateDB as an IoT database able to give property managers real-time insight to monitor air conditioning costs and tenant comfort.

"CrateDB's unmatched concurrency capabilities and simple scaling made it the best solution for us. We tried other solutions, including MongoDB, but it was difficult and expensive to scale for our needs. Plus, CrateDB is SQL, which 90 percent of today's developers know well, and that makes hiring new developers easier."

Waseem Javid Nasiri
Senior developer

AVUXI provides location context for travel and real estate. They use CrateDB to collect and query geotagged data from over 65 million locations, processing over 20 million events every day.
"It is a pleasure working with companies like yours, that listen and care about their customers."
Qualtrics is the leader in experience management software. They use CrateDB to process open text survey responses and enable machine learning algorithms to be applied to the data to make it easier to gain insights from thousands of pieces of feedback per hour.
"CrateDB gives us ease of SQL combined with easy scaling, and real-time querying of full-text data."
Digital domain is a global leader in visual effects, interactive content and creating “virtual humans” for use in films and live events. Rather than use a commercial monitoring system, they chose to build their own performance monitoring solution. They use CrateDB to process a lot of system metrics data (time series) in real time and to support streaming log analytics, which required search capability.

"I'm glad it's SQL behind those charts. If I had to use Elasticsearch to answer new questions, we wouldn't be nearly as responsive to new requirements."


Joe Hacobian
Infrastructure Engineer
Digital Domain

kooky is the first digital cup smart system by tracing and operating reusable food packaging. They were facing issues of simultaneously querying large volume of data from multiple heterogeneous databases and were thus limited to offer value added services in real-time to users dropping their packaging items into their machines. Thanks to CrateDB, kooky can now deliver those services by querying user history and loyalty points in real-time.

"With CrateDB it was extremely easy to have a single place that we could query through our entire system within milliseconds at any moment in time, and this was impossible before."


Dmytro Boguslavskyy
CTO & Co-Founder at kooky

O-CELL created a real-time monitoring solution for buildings and campsites, built around dedicated services to ingest, process, and present data. This contributes to reduce the ecological impact of infrastructures. They use CrateDB to store all the indicators produced by the sensors simultaneously into one single database row, optimizing storage and query performance. A high volume of data is sent to O-CELL’s ingestion framework which will then decode, normalize and store the data in CrateDB.   
The Java integration was excellent and easy because CrateDB also provides a JDBC Driver to interact with the database. So every standard Java framework can work on CrateDB.

Charles-Edouard Ruault
Gantner Instruments collaborates with the University of Cyprus to operate a state-of-the-art Smart Micro Grid, dedicated to investigating the control capabilities of renewable energy sources in the power grid and propelling the energy transition forward. They leverage CrateDB to analyze the vast amount of data generated in real time, enhancing their processes through machine learning (ML). With CrateDB, they gain access to their extensive data within microseconds at the frontend, ensuring optimal performance.

"CrateDB is the only database that gives us the speed, scalability and ease of use to collect and aggregate measurements from hundreds of thousands of industrial sensors for real-time visibility into power, temperature, pressure, speed and torque."

Jürgen Sutterlüti
Vice President, Energy Segment and Marketing at Gantner Instruments.

Rauch Fruchtsäfte, founded in 1919, is one of the leading fruit juice producers in Europe. Besides the production and sales of the RAUCH brands, the company is also established in the  business to business area. They leverage CrateDB to handle a staggering 400 data records per second, while seamlessly managing and analyzing unstructured data in a factory production environment.

"We needed a database that could watch, record and analyse production in real time. CrateDB gives us the freedom to be cumulative and scale limitless - we found no alternative database with such simplicity and efficiency.”

Arno Breuss
CIO of Rauch Fruchtsäfte

ALPLA produces high-quality packaging for leading brands in the food, drinks, cosmetics, and cleaning industries, like Unilever. With CrateDB, ALPLA collects and analyzes sensor data from all the factory equipment in real time, enabling to direct people on the floor to the ‘hot spots’ and improve the waste rate and efficiency of production.

"By collecting and analyzing sensor data from all our factory equipment in real time, we can actually direct people on the floor to the ‘hot spots’ and with that, improve the waste rate and efficiency of production."

Jodok Schaeffler
General Manager

TGW Logistics Group is one of the leading international suppliers of material handling solutions. As systems integrator, TGW plans, produces and implements complex logistics centres, from mechatronic products and robots to control systems and software. 

Using CrateDB, TGW accelerates data aggregation and access from warehouse systems worldwide, resulting in increased database performance. The system can handle over 100,000 messages every few seconds.

"CrateDB is a highly scalable database for time series and event data with a very fast query engine using standard SQL".

Alexander Mann
Owner Connected Warehouse Architecture
TGW Logistics Group

GovSpend, a leading provider of analytics, insight, search, and data feed products, delivers a complete platform for government agencies and private companies to maximize the value of their public-private commercial relationships. CrateDB allows GovSpend to run arbitrary queries and track various metrics through dashboards, with its ability to handle nested data, execute quickly, and offer replication and high availability.

"We explored several solutions like Clickhouse, Rockset, Snowflake, among others. CrateDB is a great fit for us. Having a Cloud offer was perfect along with having the nested structure we were looking for."

David Sargeant
Director of Software Engineering


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