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AVUXI processes billions of events from 65 million locations with CrateDB

AVUXI uses CrateDB to collect and query geotagged data from over 65 million locations, processing over 20 million events every day

Easy to import and export data


Fast search


Easy to install and manage


Great support

Utilizing CrateDB allowed  to gather and query data faster and more efficiently than any other solution they looked into. The support for geolocation data was a positive.

AVUXI was using a 4-node CrateDB cluster with approximately 800 million records when they discovered an issue with concurrent INSERT requests.

Thanks to the swift response of the CrateDB team, the issue was fixed quickly in a hotfix release and all users benefited from the issue report.

We were going crazy looking for more information about how to fix this issue. We really appreciate your efforts and dedication in order to help us as fast as you did.

AVUXI now has two, 3-node CrateDB clusters running. They recommend CrateDB to anyone who needs to handle large data sets.

It is a pleasure working with companies like yours, that listen and care about their customers.

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