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Roomonitor stores and
analyzes sensor data with CrateDB

IoT climate control with CrateDB

specializes in IoT climate control systems that monitor and control air conditioning for the hospitality industry.

Roomonitor helps landlords and hotel proprietors avoid wasted costs and energy associated with overuse of air conditioning. It is currently deployed in thousands of locations, in 17 cities across Europe, ranging from by-owner vacation rentals to large hotels.

Our success depends on our ability to give property managers real-time insight to monitor air conditioning costs and tenant comfort. If that data is unavailable to use for any reason, our solution is ineffective. We needed a database purpose-built for IoT, and CrateDB was the best solution…
Ignacio Suarez CEO Roomonitor

Utilizing thousands of sensors to monitor noise and temperature, Roomonitor determines if air conditioning (AC) units are on and functioning, windows and doors are open, and if the room is currently occupied with guests. Based on these inputs, customers can control room settings remotely, allowing for both energy efficiency and guest comfort.

CrateDB’s unmatched concurrency capabilities and simple scaling made it the best solution for us. We tried other solutions, including MongoDB, but it was difficult and expensive to scale for our needs. Plus, CrateDB is SQL, which 90 percent of today’s developers know well, and that makes hiring new developers easier.
Waseem Javid Nasiri Senior Developer Roomonitor

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