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TGW Logistics redefines warehouse intelligence 

TGW simplifies aggregating massive volumes of diverse data with CrateDB

Customer Profile

TGW Logistics Group is one of the leading international suppliers of material handling solutions. For more than 50 years, the Austrian specialist has implemented automated systems for its international customers, including brands from A as in Adidas to Z as in Zalando. As systems integrator, TGW plans, produces and implements complex logistics centres, from mechatronic products and robots to control systems and software.

TGW Logistics Group has subsidiaries in Europe, China and the US and more than 4,000 employees worldwide. In the 2020/2021 business year, the company generated a total turnover of 813 million euros.

Logo TGW Logistics

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Use Case

Accelerate aggregation and access to large volumes of diverse data collected in real-time from warehouse systems around the world.


  • Data is in many different formats spread across diverse systems worldwide
  • Classical and NoSQL databases cannot handle the volume of unstructured and object data
  • Data siloes are difficult to combine and query, limiting analytics and modeling capabilities

Outcomes with CrateDB

  • Increased database performance for high data volumes, handling 100,000+ messages every few seconds
  • Improved predictive modeling accuracy, enabling AI teams to ingest and query full datasets from warehouses worldwide
  • Provide customers with more visibility and insights to optimize warehouse operations
  • Scale quickly and easily to handle TGW’s ongoing growth, automatically rebalancing data as new nodes are added to the cluster
  • Strengthen TGW’s competitive advantage by using data-driven insights to provide more cost-effective customer offers
CrateDB is a highly scalable database for time series and event data with a very fast query engine using standard SQL.
Alexander Mann Owner Connected Warehouse Architecture TGW Logistics Group


White Paper

Download our white paper to learn in detail how TGW is handling large volumes of diverse data and why classical databases prove insufficient for such a use case. It also explains how TGW turns data into competitive advantage with CrateDB.


After trying multiple database systems, TGW Logistics moved to CrateDB for its ability to aggregate different data formats and ability to query this information without much hassle.


Watch the talk Alexander Mann gave at Data Insights Day 2022. He explains the key components to make intralogistic data projects a success.

German Webinar

Learn in this webinar in German why TGW Logistics moved to CrateDB after trying multiple database systems.

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