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Digital Twins and Generative AI

In this talk, TGW Logistics showcased their use of CrateDB to optimize distribution centers. With up to half a million items handled daily, they focus on automation and data-driven decisions. To tackle challenges like smooth operations and skilled personnel, TGW employs digital assistants:
  • Process Monitoring: Using CrateDB, TGW monitors warehouses and intralogistics processes with AI-driven anomaly detection and efficient document retrieval. CrateDB and TGW implemented a traditional RAG system to store all documents in a vector store and implemented a multi-index search to get the right document at the right time.
  • Data-Driven Maintenance: TGW utilizes data analysis to minimize downtimes and maximize warehouse availability.
  • Expert Systems: TGW swiftly identifies and resolves errors using expert systems, improving operational efficiency.
TGW Logistics demonstrated how integrating CrateDB enhances efficiency and problem-solving in distribution centers.