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Query Performance

CrateDB provides high-performance capabilities with query response time in milliseconds to process and analyze data efficiently. Its fully distributed query engine and columnar storage bring the following benefits: 


1M inserts per second with a CrateDB cluster of 5 standard nodes only

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ABB Ability™ Genix optimizes operations and increases asset availability in industrial use cases by analyzing vast amounts of data in real-time. They use CrateDB to unlock the value of industrial data, working with advanced data analysis and data management capabilities. With a data ingestion rate of an 1 million values per second and event retrieval ranging from 30,000 to 120,000 events per second, ABB optimizes industrial efficiency and productivity.

"Working with CrateDB brings positive outcomes. The ingestion and throughput have very good performance, with 1 million values/sec, the horizontal scalability where we can add as many nodes as we need and the automatic query distribution across the whole cluster"

Marko Sommarberg
Lead, Digital Strategy and Business Development at ABB


CrateDB helped ABB achieve:

1 Mill values/sec 30k to 120k event/sec
Data ingestion Event retrieval
Thomas Concrete Group is the world- leader organization in the construction industry with 150+ concrete plants and 2,100+ employees. They use CrateDB both for tracking of their delivery trucks and tracking the curing of the concrete in real-time.

"Thanks to CrateDB's great indexing, dedicated data types, and subsequent great performance, we could execute an event and data-driven architecture, with the performance and scalability necessary for storing time-series data over time. The SQL query syntax capability of CrateDB also played a part in achieving this great outcome, as it made it easy for the team to write good performing queries using existing know-how. CrateDB is now an integral part of our big data streaming architecture and it is delivering as promised."

Kristoffer Axelsson
Principal Solution Architect
Thomas Concrete Group

Thomas tracks automotive vehicle fleets in real-time. They use CrateDB to enable storage and analysis of up to 2,000 data points per second, per car.

"Most of the cars in our customers' fleets are in use almost 24 hours a day, and we need to store and analyse the massive amounts of data they generate in real time. We tried a few different SQL and NoSQL databases, and CrateDB offered the best combination of high performance, scalability and ease of use."

Mark Sutheran

VoIPstudio is an award-winning VoIP phone service. They use CrateDB to manage call detail records (CDRs). MySQL had been used successfully for several years, but due to increasingly poor performance it was replaced by CrateDB.
"After a successful and problem-free implementation it became clear to us that CrateDB was the solution we were looking for. We gained better performance and new possibilities for our customers. We are going to improve and extend our cloud system using CrateDB."
The GolfNow division of the NBC Universal GolfChannel is trusted by 4 million registered golfers to search for golf courses that fit preference and budget. They use CrateDB to currently perform real-time queries of more than 300 million rows of data, hundreds of times per second.

"CrateDB was a better solution for our needs than any other SQL or NoSQL database we tried. It was easy to migrate code off of our legacy SQL database and onto CrateDB to immediately benefit from its data flexibility and scalable performance."

Sheriff Mohamed
Director of Architecture


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"Our distribution centers produce a lot of sensor data and we enable our customers to take data driven decisions. CrateDB allows us to operate on any Cloud and on-prem/Edge with simplicity and stellar performance, and significant cost advantages."

Alexander Mann
Owner Connected Warehouse Architecture
TGW Logistics Group

Community Day Talk

November 15, 2022
how can you scale efficiently with CrateDB and achieve performant queries? You will learn how sharding & partitioning choices, along with correct data modeling can get you there. Also, discover how to monitor your cluster to avoid unpleasant surprises, as Marios shares his best practices to keep your cluster healthy at all times! Finally, you'll learn about the key factors which will allow you to deploy CrateDB to the cloud and achieve the desired performance. 

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August 2, 2023
One of CrateDB’s key strengths is scalability. With a truly distributed architecture, CrateDB serves high ingest loads while maintaining sub-second reading performance in many scenarios. In this article, we want to explore the process of scaling ingestion throughput. While scaling, one can meet a number of challenges - which is why we set ourselves the goal of scaling to an ingest throughput of 1,000,000 rows/s.

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