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High Speed and Scalability

CrateDB offers high speed and high scalability thanks to a truly distributed architecture, which allows to serve both massive ingest loads and hyper-fast reading performance. It can handle large volumes of data from different sources and offer automatic data rebalancing across the nodes thanks to a unique shared-nothing architecture. As business demands grow, so do data volumes and hardware requirements over time. When there is an increase in requirements for CPU, RAM, and Disk Storage/IOPS, additional nodes can be seamlessly added to the CrateDB cluster without manual intervention. The cluster automatically rebalances the data to accommodate the new nodes.

CrateDB Scaling Shared Nothing Architecture vs. competitor databases with a complex distribution

CrateDB is scalable from one to hundreds of nodes and can handle huge volumes of information. Its high-performance capabilities ensure query response time in milliseconds, which leads to efficient processing and analysis of data, providing real-time insights and responsiveness. This scalability and performance is maintained even as new nodes are added, making it an ideal solution for businesses experiencing growth.

From a single node cluster to a multinode cluster to large deployments with up to 100s of nodes

The diagram below illustrates the automatic redistribution process:

  1. The initial three node cluster utilizes about 70% of the available storage space.
  2. The addition of a new node results in an unbalanced distribution of data.
  3. The automatic redistribution of data initiates, until an almost equal level of storage consumption across the four nodes is achieved again.
Automatic redistribution of data when scaling horizontally

Scale your infrastructure in just a few clicks with CrateDB Cloud

Scale a Cluster with CrateDB Cloud

CrateDB at Big Data Conference Europe 2022

Not all Time-Series are Equal – Challenges of Storing and Analyzing Industrial Data.

Timestamp: 13:13 – 14:30

CrateDB Architecture Guide

This comprehensive guide covers all the key concepts you need to know about CrateDB's architecture. It will help you gain a deeper understanding of what makes it performant, scalable, flexible and easy to use. Armed with this knowledge, you will be better equipped to make informed decisions about when to leverage CrateDB for your data projects. 


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