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High Speed and Scalability

CrateDB offers high speed and high scalability thanks to a truly distributed architecture, which allows to serve both massive ingest loads and hyper-fast reading performance. It can handle large volumes of data from different sources and offer automatic data rebalancing across the nodes thanks to a unique shared-nothing architecture.
CrateDB Scaling Shared Nothing Architecture vs. competitor databases with a complex distribution
CrateDB is scalable from one to hundreds of nodes and can handle huge volumes of information. Its high-performance capabilities ensure query response time in milliseconds, which leads to efficient processing and analysis of data, providing real-time insights and responsiveness.
From a single node cluster to a multinode cluster to large deployments with up to 100s of nodes

Scale your infrastructure in just a few clicks with CrateDB Cloud

Scale a Cluster with CrateDB Cloud

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August 2, 2023
One of CrateDB’s key strengths is scalability. With a truly distributed architecture, CrateDB serves high ingest loads while maintaining sub-second reading performance in many scenarios. In this article, we want to explore the process of scaling ingestion throughput. While scaling, one can meet a number of challenges - which is why we set ourselves the goal of scaling to an ingest throughput of 1,000,000 rows/s.