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High Performance, High Scalability, Ease of Use and Low Footprint

Response time in milliseconds

Even for complex ad-hoc queries »

Massive scaling

From one to hundreds of nodes »

Read/Write intensive

For heavy concurrent workloads

Flexible data schema

Editable on the fly at runtime »

Any type of data

Structured, semi-structured, unstructured, time-series, geospatial, BLOB

Aggregations on the fly

Even with complex joins, large datasets and historical data »

Native SQL

For query simplicity and quick onboarding

PostgreSQL Wire Protocol

For 3rd party integrations »

Full-text search

No need for any extra database »

High availability

Automatic failover, recovery and replication »

Multiple deployment models

DBaaS or self-managed / Edge extension

Cost-efficient architecture

Optimized infrastructure & operations / Low carbon footprint


Simply scalable

Growing a database should be easy, and it is with CrateDB.
Automatic data rebalancing and a shared-nothing architecture enable you to scale simply. Just add new machines to create and grow a CrateDB cluster. There’s no need to know how to redistribute data on the cluster because CrateDB does it for you.

Distributed SQL

Distributed SQL queries, aggregations, and search

CrateDB’s distributed SQL query engine combines inverted indexes and columnar data structures with a modern query planner.
These give CrateDB the unique ability to perform aggregations, JOINs, sub-selects, and ad-hoc queries at in-memory speed. CrateDB also integrates native, full-text search features, which enable you to store and query structured or unstructured data together. Therefore, you no longer have to use separate SQL and Search databases to manage tabular and non-tabular data.

Highly available​

Highly available

Even if things go wrong in your data center, CrateDB keeps running.
Automatic replication of data across your cluster and rolling software updates help ensure hardware failures and scheduled maintenance do not interrupt access to data. In addition, CrateDB clusters are self healing, so when nodes are added to the cluster, CrateDB automatically loads them with data.

ISO 27001 Certified by schellman

ISO 27001 Certified

CrateDB Cloud is ISO 27001 certified.  ISO/IEC 27001 is the international standard for information security management systems (ISMS) established by the International Organization for Standardization.
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Additional Features

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Full SQL

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Window functions

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Multi model support

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PostgreSQL compatibility

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Geospatial capabilities

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JMX Monitoring

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Admin UI (GUI)

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Fulltext search capabilities

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Real-time aggregation

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User management

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Time series functions

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Full access to CrateDB ecosystem

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User privileges

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High performance joins

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Complete CrateDB client library

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Authentication management

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Edge capabilities

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User defined functions

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Automated partitioning

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Logical replication

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