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Adopt a worry-free database for your growing AI workloads.
CrateDB offers a robust scalable database that not only meets the requirements of your AI/ML data strategy but also unlocks new insights and copes with the huge AI workloads.

CrateDB is a database designed for AI/ML use cases. It offers efficient management of diverse data types and real-time data accessibility for continuous model training and prediction. It also maintains data consistency and security for cross-team collaboration, and gives the ability to scale to handle growing data volumes and workload. Whether in the cloud, on-premises or at the edge, CrateDB offers flexibility and efficiency for all AI and ML operations.


CrateDB can ingest, process and analyze multi-structured data and dynamic schemas – relational tables, complex objects and arrays, time-series, geospatial, and textual data. It easily handles millions of events per second – arriving in real-time steams or batches without sacrificing durability of data. Data can be seamlessly ingested from various data sources, such as Amazon S3 and Kafka.


CrateBD uses a highly scalable storage engine that can be deployed into a single container or span clusters of multiple hundreds of nodes. Its shared-nothing architecture automatically distributes partitions and shards across the nodes to fully leverage existing hardware. Data is auto-indexed to support any kind of ad-hoc query patterns - depending on the data type - using lightning-fast tree structures for efficient range and filter queries, inverted-indexes and (optional) full-text indexes for textual data as well as columnar storage for fast aggregations.


CrateDB speaks SQL and is compatible with PostgreSQL. Even complex and dynamic schemas can be queried in an easy-to-read SQL way without the need to learn custom languages. The massive parallel execution of queries uses the maximum of the underlying hardware to ensure query response times in the millisecond range – even for ad-hoc queries across millions and billions of rows.


CrateDB offers a highly available infrastructure for the most mission-critical workloads by scaling from one to hundreds of nodes. If one node goes down, the system keeps running transparently, while it repairs the cluster thanks to its self-healing capabilities. No more maintenance windows or downtime are needed for database maintenance operations.


CrateDB easily integrates with your AI and analytics stack thanks to the support of the PostgreSQL Wire Protocol. Developers, Data Engineers, and Data Scientists can not only leverage Native SQL to use their favorite analysis and visualization tools, but also leverage drivers and libraries, e.g. Python, Java, Go, Scala, as well as 3rd party solutions.

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CrateDB offers a low Total Cost of Ownership (TCO) thanks to its ease of use with SQL, its easy integration into the tech stack and with 3rd party tools - and its low infrastructure maintenance needed due to the self-healing, distributed architecture. Data tiering allows for a cost-efficient long-term storage.
ABB Ability™ Genix optimizes operations and increases asset availability in industrial use cases by analyzing vast amounts of data in real-time. They use CrateDB to unlock the value of industrial data, working with advanced data analysis and data management capabilities. With a data ingestion rate of an 1 million values per second and event retrieval ranging from 30,000 to 120,000 events per second, ABB optimizes industrial efficiency and productivity.

"Working with CrateDB brings positive outcomes. The ingestion and throughput have very good performance, with 1 million values/sec, the horizontal scalability where we can add as many nodes as we need and the automatic query distribution across the whole cluster"

Marko Sommarberg
Lead, Digital Strategy and Business Development at ABB

A man with a helmet looking at a display
Gantner Instruments collaborates with the University of Cyprus to operate a state-of-the-art Smart Micro Grid, dedicated to investigating the control capabilities of renewable energy sources in the power grid and propelling the energy transition forward. They leverage CrateDB to analyze the vast amount of data generated in real time, enhancing their processes through machine learning (ML). With CrateDB, they gain access to their extensive data within microseconds at the frontend, ensuring optimal performance.

"CrateDB is the only database that gives us the speed, scalability and ease of use to collect and aggregate measurements from hundreds of thousands of industrial sensors for real-time visibility into power, temperature, pressure, speed and torque."

Jürgen Sutterlütti
Vice President, Energy Segment and Marketing at Gantner Instruments.

A screenshot of a software displaying a map
Qualtrics is the leader in experience management software. They use CrateDB to process open text survey responses and enable machine learning algorithms to be applied to the data to make it easier to gain insights from thousands of pieces of feedback per hour.
"CrateDB gives us ease of SQL combined with easy scaling, and real-time querying of full-text data."