Getting Started


Once CrateDB is installed and running, you can start to interact with the database for the first time.

The Admin UI

CrateDB ships with a browser-based administration interface called Admin UI. It is enabled on each CrateDB node, you can use it to inspect and interact with the whole CrateDB cluster in a number of ways.

If CrateDB is running on your workstation, access the Admin UI using http://localhost:4200/. Otherwise, replace localhost with the hostname CrateDB is running on.

When using CrateDB Cloud, the URL will look like

image image


If you are running CrateDB on a remote machine, you will have to create a dedicated user account for accessing the Admin UI. See Create User.

The CrateDB Shell

The CrateDB Shell, called crash, is an interactive command-line interface (CLI) program for working with CrateDB on your favorite terminal. To learn more about it, please refer to its documentation at The CrateDB Shell.



You have a variety of options to connect to CrateDB, and integrate it with off-the-shelf, 3rd-party, open-source, and proprietary applications, mostly using CrateDB’s PostgreSQL interface.

To learn more, please refer to the documentation sections about supported client drivers, libraries, and frameworks, and corresponding tutorials.


To learn more about all the details of CrateDB features, operations, and its SQL dialect, please also visit the CrateDB Reference Manual.