Create User

This part of the documentation sheds some light on the topics of Users and roles management and Privileges.

Superuser Account

CrateDB ships with a superuser account called “crate”, which has the privileges to perform any action.

However, with the default configuration, this superuser can only access CrateDB from the local machine CrateDB has been installed on. If you are trying to connect from another machine, you are prompted to enter a username and password.


In order to create a user that can be used to authenticate from a remote machine, first install crash or other CrateDB Ecosystem Catalog on the same machine you installed CrateDB on. Then, connect to CrateDB running on localhost.

While you can also perform the steps outlined below within The CrateDB Admin UI itself, the walkthrough will outline how to do it using the The CrateDB Shell on the command line.

Invoke Crash within the terminal of your choice.

sh$ crash

Add your first user with a secure password to the database:

cr> CREATE USER username WITH (password = 'a_secret_password');

Grant all privileges to the newly created user:



Now try navigating to the The CrateDB Admin UI in your browser. In the URL below, please replace with the host name or IP address of the machine CrateDB is running on, and sign in with your newly created user account.

After creating the user and granting all privileges, you should be able to continue with the guided tour, connecting to CrateDB from a remote machine.