Crash has several built-in client commands that you can run from the prompt.

Every command starts with a \ character.




List all available commands.

\c <HOSTS>,
\connect <HOSTS>

Connect to <HOSTS>.

Same as --hosts command line option.

HOSTS can be a single host, or it can be a space separated list of hosts.

If multiple hosts are specified, Crash will attempt to connect to all of them. The command will succeed if at least one connection is successful.


Print a list of tables.

The list does not include tables in the sys and information_schema schema.

\format <FORMAT>

Specifies the output format of the SQL response.

Same as --format command line option.

Available <FORMAT> values are: tabular, raw, json, json_row, csv and mixed.


Quit the CrateDB shell.

\check <TYPE>

Query the sys tables for failing checks.

TYPE can be one of the following:

  • not set (query for failing cluster and node checks)

  • nodes (query for failing node checks)

  • cluster (query for failing cluster checks)


Use apps like jless or pspg to view the result sets. See also Using a pager program.


Reads statements from <FILENAME> and execute them.


Query the sys tables for system and cluster information.


Turn autocomplete feature on or off.

Works as a toggle.


Turn automatic capitalization for SQL keywords or off.

Works as a toggle.