Getting started

Install and get started with the CrateDB Npgsql Plugin.


For CrateDB versions 4.2 and above, we recommend that you use the stock Npgsql driver instead of this one.

This software is a legacy plugin for older versions of CrateDB that lacked full compatibility with Npgsql.

Table of contents


The Npgsql plugin is made available as a NuGet package Npgsql.CrateDb. Follow the appropriate NuGet instructions to get the plugin installed.


This plugin depends on a fork of the upstream Npgsql project to work. (Nuget will handle this for you.)

See also

An introduction to NuGet.

NuGet instructions for dotnet CLI or Visual Studio.


If you’re using a generic database program that can work with any ADO.NET provider but doesn’t come with Npgsql or references it directly, you can install Npgsql with the CrateDB plugin into your Global Assembly Cache (GAC) with our custom Npgsql Installer.

Next steps

Once the plugin is installed, you probably want to connect to CrateDB.