Similar to Croud, we offer an API to allow programmatic access to the Cloud products. The API can be accessed by generating a key and secret in your account page:

Cloud Console New Api Key

Click the Generate new key button to create your key. A popup with your key and secret will appear. Make sure to store your secret safely, as you cannot access it again.


The key and secret can be used as HTTP Basic Auth credentials when calling the API, e.g.

sh$ $ curl -s -u $your_key:$your_secret https://console.cratedb.cloud/api/v2/users/me

This example will return details of the current user:

{"email":"some@example.com","hmac":"...","is_superuser":false,"name":"Some User","organization_id":"123","status":"active","uid":"uid","username":"some@example.com"}


The API is documented with Swagger (login required). It contains endpoints for:

  • Organizations

  • Regions

  • Projects

  • Clusters

  • Products

  • Users

  • Roles

  • Subscriptions

  • Audit logs

It provides example requests with all the required parameters, expected responses, and all response codes. Access the API documentation here (login required).