How-To GuidesΒΆ

This is a collection of how-to guides for CrateDB Cloud. Learn how to manage your cluster and organizations below. For the purposes of these guides, we assume you interact with CrateDB Cloud by using the CrateDB Cloud Console. Alternatively, you can use the command-line interface CrateDB Cloud CLI, aka. Croud.


Not all operations supported by the CrateDB Cloud Console are also available via Croud. Most importantly, clusters can only be deployed via the CrateDB Cloud Console.

Organization Management

Create Organization

Learn how to create new organization with your account.

Add Users to Organization

Learn how to add users to organizations and manage their privileges.

Cluster Management

Reconfigure Cluster

Learn how to scale your cluster up or down, depending on your needs.

Suspend Cluster

Learn how to temporarily suspend your cluster. You are only charged for storage while in suspended state.

Delete Cluster

Learn how to permanently delete your cluster along with your data.

Restoring Backups

Learn how backups are made and how to restore them.

Logical Replication

Logical replication is a mechanism by which data can automatically be copied across multiple clusters.

Private Endpoints

A private endpoint, or private link, is a mechanism that allows a secure, private connection to your cluster.

Clients, Tools, and Integrations

Learn about compatible client applications and tools, and how to configure your favorite client library to connect to a CrateDB cluster.


This is an open source documentation project. We host the source code and issue tracker on GitHub .