Add Users

This is a quick guide on how to add users to organizations and how to manage their privileges. This information can also be found in the CrateDB Cloud
Console Overview, but is presented here separately for ease of use.

In CrateDB Cloud, you can add team members to your organizations. In order to add a user, they must first have signed up for CrateDB Cloud. Once they have an existing account, they can be added as a user. Users can be members or admins of more than one organization at a time, but every organization must have at least one organization admin (see also Restrictions below).

Add Users to an Organization

New users can be added to an organization by going to the Users tab in the left-hand menu. To add and manage users of the organization, you must be the organization admin.


For more information on user roles and associated privileges, see the documentation on user roles.

Cloud Console users overview

On this page, you can see an overview of all users associated with the organization. It will show their username, email, user role, and their status.

To add a new user click the Add user button in the top right. Then you can add a new user either by their email or their user ID. You can also choose whether the user should have admin privileges.

Cloud Console organization overview users tab

Edit or Delete Users from an Organization

You can also edit user roles and delete users in the Users tab. To edit a user’s role, navigate to its details page using the pen icon corresponding to that user in the user table. This will bring up a dropdown menu. To delete a user, use the bin icon.


An organization needs to have at least one organization admin. It is therefore not possible to remove the organization admin if there is only one.