This page documents the way billing and related subjects are handled by CrateDB Cloud. Since - depending on your chosen offer - billing and payment forms may appear in different places across the CrateDB Cloud interface, this guide should function as a single reference document for finding the information you need about billing, invoicing, and payments.

Your current accumulated bill can be always found under the billing tab in Organization section:

Cloud Console billing meter

Billing principles

CrateDB Cloud has three general principles for billing. Firstly, we only ever bill actual usage of any of the provided services. This means there are no flat fees or minimum payments.

Secondly, we only bill for a given period. This means any usage costs are rounded up to the nearest hour of use for Marketplace customers and to the nearest minute of use for customers directly deploying via the CrateDB Cloud Console.

Thirdly, Billing is done in $0.001 increments for the compute + storage usage.

Billing information & Payment methods

Your billing information consists of your (company) address, credit card details, country of residence, VAT info, and so forth. This information can be filled out whenever you make use of an offer on CrateDB Cloud that is not free (when you only use a free offer, the billing info page will not be visible to you). There are several ways you can provide the necessary billing information:

  • You can add a new payment method even without deploying a new cluster. Simply navigate to the payment methods tab in the Organization section. You can then use this payment method when deploying a cluster later.

  • As part of deploying a cluster for a new organization. If you deploy a cluster that is not free, you will be prompted for your billing information as part of the configuration wizard.

  • By using the Billing tab in the Organization overview of the CrateDB Cloud Console. If you have a promoted cluster deployed and the free period expires, you can find the Billing tab by going to the Organization overview and clicking the fifth tab from the left. Here you can enter your billing details and your billing method (credit card). See the CrateDB Console walkthrough for more information.

Address information, along with the payment methods can be edited in the payment methods tab, in Organization section:

Cloud Console payment methods


Invoicing is handled variously depending on which deployment method you use. If you deploy your cluster directly via the CrateDB Cloud Console, you will be invoiced at the email address you provided when signing up with CrateDB Cloud.

If you use one of the marketplace offers, the invoicing is handled by the marketplace provider in question and will be part of your general invoicing for services via that marketplace.

Currently, for direct deployments, VAT charges for EU customers are handled by CrateDB and are added to the invoices described above. For deployments via the marketplaces, any VAT charges due are handled by the respective marketplace owners (Microsoft Azure and AWS).

Custom contract

Crate also offers a special type of payment method suited for large customers that don’t want to use a credit card or marketplace subscriptions (AWS/Azure). With this type of subscription, a contract is created directly with Crate.

Custom contract payment option


This type of payment method does not show up in your Cloud console automatically as it needs to be configured specifically for every customer.

If you’re interested in this option, don’t hesitate and contact us at

Payment processing {#billing-processing}

For clusters deployed in the regular way, using the CrateDB Console cluster deployment route, payment processing is handled by Stripe. For clusters deployed through the Microsoft Azure Marketplace and the AWS Marketplace, payment is handled by Stripe on behalf of the respective marketplaces.