Views browser

The CrateDB Admin UI comes with a views browser that allows you to inspect and query stored views.

Table of contents


Here’s what a simple view looks like:


The top section on this screen shows you a basic overview. If you select QUERY VIEW you can query the view using the SQL console.

Below this, you will find the columns information.


View-level information

This section displays the following view-level information:


The name of the view.


The SQL query used to create the view.

Columns information

This section section displays information about each view column:


The name of the view column.


The column data type.

Other features

Display toggle:

Different groups of views can be shown or hidden by toggling the corresponding arrow button on the left-hand sub-navigation menu.

View filter:

The displayed list of views can be filtered by entering text to match against the view name in the Filter views text input.