Ad Hoc

Try CrateDB without installing

If you want to try out CrateDB on Linux or macOS but would prefer to avoid the hassle of manual installation or extracting release archives, you can get a fresh CrateDB node up and running in your current working directory with a single command:

sh$ bash -c "$(curl -L"


This is a quick way to try out CrateDB. It is not the recommended method to install CrateDB in a durable way. The following sections will outline that method.

Post-install notes

After successfully installing CrateDB, for example on your workstation, the web-based Admin UI can be visited at:


See also

If you are new to CrateDB, you may want to follow up by taking the guided tour.

Also, let us outline those information entrypoints as suggestions to explore next:


This kind of installation flavor will let you quickly set up and start a single-node cluster. When adding additional CrateDB nodes, in order to make it form a multi-node cluster, you will need to reset (remove) the cluster state after changing the configuration.


Please make sure to read the General Upgrade Guidelines, and the guidelines about rolling upgrades and full restart upgrades, before upgrading a running cluster.