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The Python client library for CrateDB implements the Python Database API Specification v2.0 (PEP 249).

The Python driver can be used to connect to both CrateDB and CrateDB Cloud, and is verified to work on Linux, macOS, and Windows. It is used by the Crash CLI, as well as other libraries and applications connecting to CrateDB from the Python ecosystem. It is verified to work with CPython, but it has also been tested successfully with PyPy.

Please make sure to also visit the section about Other connectivity options for Python, using the PostgreSQL wire protocol interface of CrateDB.


For general help about the Python Database API, please consult PEP 249. For more detailed information about how to install the client driver, how to connect to a CrateDB cluster, and how to run queries, consult the resources referenced below.


Install package from PyPI.

pip install crate

Connect to CrateDB instance running on localhost.

# Connect using DB API.
from crate import client
from pprint import pp

query = "SELECT country, mountain, coordinates, height FROM sys.summits ORDER BY country;"

with client.connect("localhost:4200", username="crate") as connection:
    cursor = connection.cursor()

Connect to CrateDB Cloud.

# Connect using DB API.
from crate import client
connection = client.connect(

Data types

The DB API driver supports CrateDB’s data types to different degrees. For more information, please consult the Data types documentation page.

Migration Notes

The CrateDB dialect for SQLAlchemy is provided by the sqlalchemy-cratedb package.

If you are migrating from previous versions of crate[sqlalchemy]<1.0.0, you will find that the newer releases crate>=1.0.0 no longer include the SQLAlchemy dialect for CrateDB.

See migrate to sqlalchemy-cratedb for relevant guidelines about how to successfully migrate to the sqlalchemy-cratedb package.


Project information


The CrateDB Python client library is an open source project, and is managed on GitHub. Every kind of contribution, feedback, or patch, is much welcome. Create an issue or submit a patch if you think we should include a new feature, or to report or fix a bug.


In order to setup a development environment on your workstation, please head over to the development sandbox documentation. When you see the software tests succeed, you should be ready to start hacking.

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The project is licensed under the terms of the Apache 2.0 license, like CrateDB itself, see LICENSE.