Deploy cluster

This set of tutorials explains how to subscribe and deploy your cluster on CrateDB Cloud. The first step is always to sign up.

After you have signed up successfully, CrateDB Cloud offers two different methods to subscribe and get started with deploying a cluster.

Quick start.

CrateDB Cloud Console

Directly navigate to the CrateDB Cloud Console.

Direct deployment

The easiest and recommended way to sign up for CrateDB Cloud is by using a credit card. Payment processing for your credit card is fully PCI-compliant, powered by Stripe.

Web-based deployment tutorial

Deploy a CrateDB cluster using the CrateDB Cloud Web Console.

CLI deployment tutorial

Deploy a CrateDB cluster using the Croud command-line program.

Marketplace deployment

CrateDB Cloud also supports subscribing via Software as a Service (SaaS) offerings on two cloud provider marketplaces, Microsoft’s Azure Marketplace and Amazon’s AWS Marketplace.

Marketplace deployment tutorials

Tutorials about the signup and deployment process for running CrateDB clusters on Cloud provider marketplaces.