Data Visualization

Guidelines about data analysis and visualization with CrateDB.

hvPlot and Datashader

The cloud-datashader.ipynb notebook explores the HoloViews and Datashader frameworks and outlines how to use them to plot the venerable NYC Taxi dataset, after importing it into a CrateDB Cloud database cluster.

🚧 Please note this notebook is a work in progress. 🚧

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Plotly / Dash

  • The timeseries-queries-and-visualization.ipynb notebook explores how to access timeseries data from CrateDB via SQL, load it into pandas DataFrames, and visualize it using Plotly.

    It includes advanced time series operations in SQL, like aggregations, window functions, interpolation of missing data, common table expressions, moving averages, JOINs, and the handling of JSON data.

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  • Alternatively, you are welcome to explore the canonical Dash Examples.