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Introduction to time series visualization in CrateDB and Apache Superset

About the webinar

Data visualization tools help reveal trends, patterns, and outliers hiding in massive amounts of data. Apache Superset, the most popular open-source data visualization and exploration platform is a great choice for users looking to empower real-time analytics with dynamic and customizable dashboards. Recently, the team behind Superset added support for CrateDB which ended up being an easy task as SQLAlchemy dialect for CrateDB was already provided.


55 mins

What you will learn

Install and register CrateDB instance with Apache Superset

Use the Superset semantic layer to perform last-mile data transformation to prepare for visualization


Create customizable dashboards that users can use as a starting point in developing their visualization systems


Srini Kadamati
Srini Kadamati Developer Advocate at Preset
Marija Selakovic
Marija Selakovic Developer Advocate at CrateDB