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Newsletter: ✌️ Hey there, 2023! We have a few surprises

Hi there 👋

The first month of 2023 has already passed ⚡ How's the new year treating you so far? 

New events are just around the corner, as well as content and exciting product updates! 🤩

For the first time this year, let's check what's cooking in 👇 


Events 🖥️

Time-series data: From raw data to fast analysis in only three steps 🗓️ February 22

Niklas Schmidtmer, Lead Solution Engineer and Karyn Azevedo, Solution Engineer at, will share their insights about time series and a use case on virtual machine monitoring.

Our speakers will also teach you how to build a sharding and partitioning strategy for your time series data 💡 

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Did you miss last week's expert talk? Watch the recording to know how SPGo! builds apps for monitoring and predictive maintenance with CrateDB ▶️ Watch it now

Tutorials not to miss ⏯️

Do not skip these tutorials if you want to stay up to date with the latest trends in data and development 👇

CrateDB tutorials to watch in 2023

Our Developer Advocate, Marija Selakovic, will help you sharpen your skills in data engineering with this list of the best CrateDB tutorials for starters.

CrateDB tutorials 2023

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Content you may like 💙

Cluster Cloning: The Ultimate Feature for Duplicating Your Cloud Cluster

Are you tired of manually duplicating your cloud database?

Matej Matkuliak presents you our latest feature: Cluster Cloning! A faster, more efficient way to test new versions, migrate data, and try new features in a safe environment 🙌

Webinar summary: How SPGo! builds apps for monitoring and predictive maintenance

Know all about's first expert talk of 2023! With Hernán Lionel Cianfagna, Senior Solutions Engineer at, Nixon David Monge Calle, Development and IT Projects Manager, and Michael Mella Navarro, Services and Projects Manager, at SPGo!

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Breaking News 📰

Austria's best start-ups of 2022 🏆 is ranked #27th in Austria's best start-ups of 2022!

Learn more about it here 👈

New feature alert: Cluster Cloning 🚨

CrateDB Cloud Cluster Cloning feature allows you to quickly duplicate your cloud database, test new versions, migrate data, and test new features in a safe environment. Learn more about it here 👈

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