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5 Data and Analytics trends you should know

What drives business decisions these days? Data, and not instinct, are responsible for the most effective choices.  

IDC estimates that by 2025 we'll have created more than 175 zettabytes globally, so using business data in analysing, planning, risk assessment and predicting will help drive business profitability. 

Data Democratization 

With data democratization, many businesses focus on empowering all stakeholders by giving them access to business-related data. 

Currently, it is possible to guarantee that all users can analyse data on their own with the help of the right analytics automation platform.  

The easy access allows employees to keep a tab on their performance, boosting their productivity, and seamlessly aligning the entire workforce.  

Analytic automation solutions, which increased cloud computing power, and open-source tools allow access to machine learning capabilities and help democratize analytics. With a unified analytics automation platform, users can access valuable insights quickly, anywhere and anytime.  

By upskilling data professionals and allowing them to have insights from data, the results for businesses can be surprising.  

Real-Time Data Visualization 

Currently, most businesses are running at lightning speed producing extensive data volumes. The challenge that can arise is to manage these amounts of data, which becomes critical to deriving actionable insights. 

Therefore, real-time visualization becomes incredibly important when managing daily operations and enabling businesses to access, analyse, and explore live operational data, allowing them to take control of general business operations.  

Technologies like CrateDB can store and query real-time data, handling the velocity, volume, and diversity of machine and log data. CrateDB ingests millions of rows of data per second while also querying terabytes of data in real-time, 20x faster than their previous database, according to current users.  

Automation of Data Analysis 

Considering the scale and complexity of data, the best way to harness its value is to automate the data discovery and preparation process.  

This frees up the analyst to focus on other high value-add activities by using a platform that empowers analytics automation, delivers insights more efficiently, and automates daily tasks.  

Automated data analytics can be utilized for various tasks, such as data exploration, preparation, replication, and maintenance of data warehouses.  

Cloud Storage  

Storing large volumes of data and maintaining the servers can represent a challenge for businesses while adding additional costs, although storage is an essential part of transforming data into actionable insights.  

This is where products like CrateDB Cloud come in handy; the cloud carries all vital information at a single platform to support effective decision-making. Other 3rd Party tools can be easily connected to CrateDB in the Cloud. 

CrateDB Cloud can handle complex time series data and query data in real-time while connecting your data to any SQL-based visualization tool. Start your free trial and test it for yourself or reach out to us for more information.  

Analytics as a core  

In order to thrive, businesses need to invest in ongoing analytics education and build a community that cultivates data culture, not only inside their business but with others in the industry, through partnership.  

Today, data analytics skills are required to succeed in today's workforce. 

New trends for data analytics will continue to rise, don't let future technologies catch you off guard, and ensure inevitable success for your company!